The Military Diet| 3-day diet or dud

3 day military diet

What is Military Diet?

The Military Diet is one of the top-notch topic prevailing everywhere now. It is claimed that you can lose about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in a single week with the help of Military Diet. Sounds too good to be true, right? Moreover, you don’t need to buy anything expensive for this diet plan.

Military Diet is sweeping over the internet over past few months. But is that true that you can lose this much of weight in 3 days time? Should you try this at your own? Let’s find out about Military diet in detail below.

3-day Military Diet:

The Military Diet is a tight 3-day meal plan that you have to follow for first three days of a week and then take four days off. The same procedure has to be repeated again until you achieve your desired weight.

It is said and as the name suggests, this diet plan was taken out and followed by the US Military in order to get their soldiers in top shape by losing weight instantly.

It is also known and famous by some other names like- the Navy diet, the army diet, and the ice cream diet.

How does this Military Diet work?

This diet is divided into two steps over a period of one week. The first 3 days consists of strict meals in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You have to take around 1,100–1,400 calories per day excluding snacks.

For rest 4 days you have to maintain low-calorie intake in your diet.

Repeat this step every week until you achieve your target.

The intake of calories in your diet will be reduced each day as shown in the diagram below:

3 day military diet


Military Diet Menu:

Day 1:

The first day of Military diet starts with your breakfast, which contains Grapefruit, Toast, Peanut butter and a coffee or tea. Carried on to lunch, it will contain half cup tuna, a toast and again coffee or tea. Then at dinner, you will have tuna, toast, and 3 oz of meat, banana, apple and ice cream.

3 day military diet

Day 2:

The second day consists of low-calorie diet as compared to day 1. Breakfast consists of an egg, toast, and banana. Lunch contains cottage cheese, hard boiled egg, and saltine crackers. Dinner contains the hot dog, broccoli, carrot, banana and vanilla ice cream.


3 day military diet

Day 3:

Last day will be fewer calories as compared to previous days. Breakfast starts with Saltine crackers, cheese, and an apple. Lunch consists of one hard boiled egg and a slice of toast. Dinner consists of tuna, banana and a vanilla ice cream.

3 day military diet

Remaining 4 days plan:

For remaining 4 days there is as such no restrictions on food and you can have snacks too. But keep in mind that the calorie intake for this 4 days should not exceed 1500 per day.

Exceptions in the diet plan:

If you are allergic to any of the food mentioned above, you can choose to take its alternative also. For example, people who are allergic or don’t like peanut butter can replace it with the alternative almond butter.

The concept is to make the calorie intake as much as mentioned for each day. You can take alternatives of each food but you have to keep a strict count on calories.

Do 3-day military diet work or is just a dud?

However, there is no search done if this military diet works or not. But if you keep such control on your calorie, you can definitely lose some good pounds.

This diet plan can increase your metabolism and help in burning fat, consequently making you lose weight.

Can you lose 10 pounds in a week with Military diet?

Yes, you can lose 10 pounds with this diet plan. But, as every individual’s body differ from each other. The result cannot be guaranteed to be seen in each one following this.

Age, health, calories intake plays a crucial role in results. People who take a very high amount of calories in their diet can see good results with this diet plan.

Also, this diet plan is not meant for a long run. if you need immediate weight loss you can go for this diet plan. But if you are looking for long-term results, you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits.

Well, to keep a proper track if this military diet is working or not, you need a weighing machine. You can try this one: