Site Enhancement Oil Benefits, Synthol Infection and Synthol Abuse

synthol infection

Site Enhancement Oil:

Synthol or Site Enhancement Oil (SEO) is used mostly and commonly for bodybuilding. To hide a lagging part of the body, bodybuilders often use Synthol to gain muscles. It is injected in the muscles, and the most common region where it is used in the body are lower legs, shoulder muscles, and upper arm muscles like biceps and triceps.

The rough constituents of Synthol is as such

  • Oil (85%), 
  • Lidocaine (7.5%) 
  • Alcohol (7.5%).

Synthol Man:

Well, Synthol Man is the most common term used and associated with Synthol. It is a term used for those who use Synthol for injecting oil into muscles. Sometimes, bodybuilders find it difficult to gain muscles, especially in few parts of the body like lower legs and calf muscles. Even after consistent diet, training and bodybuilding coaching few bodybuilders find it difficult to gain the same proportion of muscles throughout their body. So they take this Synthol, which is the process of injecting oil into the muscles.

Some common practice of Synthol that bodybuilders use:

Synthol Calves:

Bodybuilders often go for Synthol Calves as Calves is one of the body parts that is found hard to gain muscles in. Using Synthol for calves, used to stretch the muscles and reshape and enlarge them to an extent. Also, to meet this, only injecting oil into muscles is not enough for better results. You need proper diet and training and supplements.

Synthol Biceps:

Just like Synthol Calves, another most common use of Synthol is Synthol Biceps. After calves, biceps are the second most part of the body where bodybuilders use Synthol injection. Yes, the results are moderate and fast if taken under proper guide and training. Mostly such type of bicep injections Synthol is used by bodybuilders or models just before the competition. This way they gain instant biceps and hide their weak muscles. Its instant result makes it be used more widely.

Synthol Infection:

The most searched and concerned part about Synthol is Synthol Infection. Use of Synthol sometimes may result in massive muscle building, rather say pus that should and has to be drained.

Scarring is another risk associated with Synthol, which if left unnoticed and untreated, may reduce the supply of blood to that area. The outcome, if left untreated will be necessary amputations of limbs.

Synthol Abuse:

Synthol Abuse leads to the infection of staph and can spread throughout your body and is considered very much dangerous.

Remember, muscles gained through synth oil bodybuilding is not real muscles. It’s a short-term result to gain muscles in your body. “Also, it just makes you look stronger and not make you stronger.”- Understand this term.

Synthol side effects are common and may be seen easily in Synthol Man. Getting natural muscle gain is a better option for a better and healthy life. No doubt, Synthol may give you gain muscles instantly, but its a short-term result(though fast). Have a better diet, do regular exercise, eat and sleep well. Be away from worries and tensions and concentrate on natural diet and try to gain muscles naturally.